Saturday, June 27, 2009

fun weekend finds......

We went to a few estate sales today....haven't been saleing for awhile. It was raining this morning so we decided to head out. Here are some of my goodies. Love the old postcards, millinery roses, the compact, I think those white things are curtain tie backs, and of course.......the silver tray! I got a few more silver pieces also......they were $1-2.00 each........gotta love it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

inner beauty

I took some pictures of my roses this week. This pink rose is straight from my texturing or anything....the background green ~ I blurred out the rest of the garden. I took several shots to get this one just right. I love how it turned out.
The browning around the petals is all natural...thats how it is fading in my garden. I thought it was just beautiful! I used florabella textures for the background. Just wanted to share some more of my garden with you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

only flowers

Only flowers in this birdcage! I did a different color scheme this year and really love it.
I have been playing with my new textures and overlays from Florabella and just love them!
Alot of changes this week at work. Our dept has been very slow since the 1st of the year and has dwindled down to 5 of us as the others are farmed out to other depts or left for a different job within the company. I am doing 2 1/2 different jobs instead of my one job and just got 3 more new duties on Friday. THATS GOOD! Job security! The manager said he will be relying on me even more and will keep adding different duties.......bring it on! The program we use is changing also on Monday so it keeps life interesting. So I am relaxing this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather, working in my garden and playing with my photos!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its finally raining!

Here is a side shot of what is blooming in my garden. It is finally raining! Its amazing how everything perks up after a good rain. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!