Monday, October 27, 2008

What a fun and interesting weekend! First of all .......I had a was so fun catching up with Susie and meeting her friends. And I had quite an experience. I have allergies and they seem to keep getting worse and adding new things the older I get. Well....I brought my own food as I have a dairy allergy. Then I went up later in the evening and washed my face. I came down and my lower lip had swelled. I said....what do you gals think this is all about? Laurie is a nurse and she said...its a hive. WHAT? I have never had hives before. Well I went to bed and the whole upstairs was all bedrooms and bathrooms. The smell of the laundry detergent and the bounce dryer sheets was so strong...for me anyway. I had the covers on and pretty soon my mouth was all tingly and numb...then my tongue, then pretty soon I had 2 hives on my tongue.....I got kinda scared as I didn't want my throat to close up. By now its almost 1:30 in the I go out to the car and get my Pilates mat that I had left in the car.....grabbed my coat and one of the gals had a blanket in her car and I slept on the floor downstairs the first night......didn't get much sleep to say the least. So then the next night.....they told me where there was a sitting room with a couch in I slept there the second night....despite all that......I had a great time and got quite a few pages done. I said if these darn allergies don't let up, I'll be living in a bubble by the time I'm 90! LOL!!!!! Here's the group I was to bottom...left to right. Me, Laurie, Susie, Jill and Evelyn on the bottom. I scrapbooked different than any of the girls there......I love to use vintage items and have a totally different style. Here's my sweet peas in an old vintage photo frame with vintage paper and a top from an old vintage envelope and I painted old pages from a book under the left picture.
Here are my delphinium. The base is old scrapbook pages that have ages...vintage lace, painted blue pages from an old book, vintage wallpaper cut in circles and blue felt and blue seam binding. The name is on old game pieces.

This is my favorite page I made. I started with gluing pink tissue paper down, then adding vintage rose fabric on the side, mounting the photo onto pink painted vintage pages from a book and making and a half rose from vintage pink crepe paper. The words are cut from magazines and mounted on pink crepe paper and old ledger paper and of course.....topped it all of with a vintage rhinestone earring and cut apart vintage bracelet.

This is a fun page using old junk. I started with vintage sheet swirled felt, then used an old metal circle, the metal flowers in the right hand corner are those old Christmas candle holders for trees flattened and made into flowers. The name is stamped onto old paint chip samples that I got a whole box for 50 cents a an estate sale, and topped of with a lace flower...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you think I have enough stuff? LOL!!! I am heading out for a scrapbooking retreat tommorrow thru Monday and this is just my stuff to use for the scrapbooking......I haven't packed any clothes looks like I am going for a month! LOL!!!! I am going to scrapbook pictures of my garden.....can't wait. I am going with Susie, my old partner from our flower shop Vintage Rose. It will be so fun to see her again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks Georgia from Grandma G's....for Nominating me for the Marie Antoinette fun!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Proud Parents We Are!
Great things have been happening in the lives of our 2 boys. Brandon our youngest started the ministry program through his church........The Vineyard. He is about a month into it and its going great for him........he's doing a lot of studying, leading small groups and counseling people.
Nick, our oldest got accepted into Medical School in Des Moines, Iowa. He will be starting in August of 09 and through this school he also has opportunity for world become a member of the World Health Organization and do stints in different countries.
It has been so fun to watch them grow and become such fine young men.

The B*E*S*T BUY of the whole Summer!

We got a new GPS and had to try it out today. So we hit a few estate sales. The last one we went to was the last day and everything was 50% off. Not much good stuff left and Pat, my husband said.......did you see those cement things in the backyard? GOOD EYE PAT! No......what are they? Well...........we went out there and here they were just waiting for me. The price for both..............are you sure..................$ today............they were

$2.50 for BOTH!!!!!!!!!

Here they are..........they will go in my garden someplace this spring..........but in the mean time......they are tucked away nicely in the garage for winter.....I think they are legs off of a bench at one time........what do you think they are?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More beautiful fall leaves! We took a walk through Nine Mile Creek today and I snapped some gorgeous pictures of the favorite is the rock with the fallen leaves on it......Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Saturday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cubicle at work. We are having a contest to decorate our cubes for Fall/Halloween. I had to stick with my taste and look. Alot of gals are going all out and there are lifesize skeletons hanging, bats everywhere.......not me.....its vintage and nature all the way. I love ornamental kale........and the hops are from my fence.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We went to Duluth today as our youngest son Brandon got baptized today. He was baptized as a child and decided to be baptized today as an adult by immersion. He started the ministry program though his church....the Vineyard. What a wonderful day it was!
Here he is with his girlfriend Katelyn. We went touring around Duluth as the leaves were at their peak.

More shots of the gorgeous fall leaves Just soooo sooooo pretty!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I went to A Gathering Of Friends sale. They hold it twice a year. I always find something wonderful there. First is this big 5 and on the other side is a 0. Then......aren't these old black bins just adorable! I am going to use them to sort some of my old buttons and jewelry for scrapbooking. Aren't the little gift boxes just too cute! A group of them for $1.00! And then lastly....I found that great metal label hidden under somethings...I wonder if it was off an old file cabinet? I had a blast!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two loves combined in one!

Oh my...everyone knows I absolutely LOVED Paris when we went there last year and I LOVE vintage tablecloths. Well....I have been looking for a Paris tablecloth and my friend Holly
emailed me the link to this tablecloth on ebay. I couldn't believe it when I won it so cheap. Here it is....just LOVE the Eiffel Tower and the open air flower shops and all the other fun sites.....AND the best has not 1 but 2 original tags. I had to remove them for laundering as it was filthy but as you can see.....its gorgeous now!