Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are back from Boston and New York. What a fun vacation. We saw so many places. Here's a few pictures to share with you. This flag was taken on the Freedom Trail at one of the memorials. I love this picture of the flag. The 4th of July parade......this little girl all decked out in her red, white and blue outfit dancing as the bands marched cute!

The 4th of July parade. They painted the center line in red, white and fun!

We saw the Phantom of the Opera play. UNREAL!!! It was so fantastic. We couldn't take pics of the play itself but here's the wonderful theatre.

Expensive New York B*L*I*N*G!

We took a River Boat Cruise at night and what a beautiful site of the Statue of Liberty. That was so wonderful.

New Yorks skyline at night......just breathtaking.

Oh, my.....seeing Ground Zero was so emotional for me. I have wanted to see it since 9-11 and seeing the faces of those people that died on the memorial brought me to tears..I am so glad I got to pay tribute to all those that lost their lives. You can see the construction going on and the 2 flags where the twin towers once stood.

BUSY BUSY BUSY New York! We took a cab ride......that was an experience!

Beautiful store windows everywhere.

The carriage rides at Central Park. I took this picture at night and had to lighten it and I love how it came out so antique looking and so old fashioned. We didn't have time for a ride but if we go again I want to for sure.
We had a wonderful time and got to see everything we wanted to.


Holly said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you got to Ground Zero. That would have been important to me too.

And what piece of bling did you bring home? LOL!

a said...
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becky up the hill said...

Hey Denise..I'm so impressed you've been all the way down South and now NY! Yea for the theatre, I'm so impressed! Where did you stay while there?

Joy Zaczyk said...

Hi Denise,

Thanks for the sweet comment! Yes, the clocks are for sale on my website...

I have always wanted to go to NYC and seeing these pics makes me want to go all the more!

Love your blog :)