Saturday, October 18, 2008

Proud Parents We Are!
Great things have been happening in the lives of our 2 boys. Brandon our youngest started the ministry program through his church........The Vineyard. He is about a month into it and its going great for him........he's doing a lot of studying, leading small groups and counseling people.
Nick, our oldest got accepted into Medical School in Des Moines, Iowa. He will be starting in August of 09 and through this school he also has opportunity for world become a member of the World Health Organization and do stints in different countries.
It has been so fun to watch them grow and become such fine young men.


A Sentimental Journey said...

Denise ~ that is just wonderful, you & Pat should be so proud of your boys ~ I know you are!! WONDERFUL!! oh, and I LOVE those cement thingies ~ yeah Pat, good eye!!

GEORGIA said...

Wonderful news about your sons! You have a lot to be proud of!!

I have nominated you for the Marie Antoinette Award! Go to my blog to read all about it!