Saturday, November 22, 2008

DAY 22

well.........this is what is happening in my home today. We had a leak and it was coming down through the ceiling and walls in the downstairs bathroom. So....trying to get a plumber CHEAP on a Saturday is an all morning job. Some wanted our first born just to come out and give an estimate and then time and half since its a Saturday. I called the neighbor guy to see who to use as of husband is out of town hunting. Thanks goodness for cell phones tho as he is happy I am using the cheaper guy that the neighbor recommended and he is just a single owner too so I'm glad to patronize the small business owner who has been in business for years. He is here now and this is part of what he is doing. There is sawing and pounding going on as I write this. So after its all said and done.....we have to have the ceiling redone again in the downstairs bathroom just like we did after our bathroom remodeling was all done.....RIGHT! Thats another whole blog entry though....the bathroom remodel! LOL! So least I can soon jump in the shower and brush my teeth so I can get some errands done and be presentable in public! LOL! I had another photo ready but hey* this is a part of the house too! LOL! I just never knew where we had all these pipes!

p.s. a helpful hint from my new BFF.....Mr. Plumber Man. LOL!

For safe drain maintenance once a month :

Mix 1 cup of baking soda into a gallon of warm water.

Pour 1 cup of vinegar in drain first,then pour your baking soda and water mix second and walah.......hopefully no clogged drains.

Like he said, its only doesn't unclog drains....if no clogged drains.....he wouldn't have a job. I also know how much him and his mother lost in the stock market. I told you he is becoming my new BFF! LOL!

Don't you love the frame and swirls on this it doesn't look so bad....pretty ShaBBy JuNQuE CHiC.....don't you think! LOL!