Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~ pink & vintage ~

My youngest son who just got married called me and said......Mom, I found the perfect thing for you.....what's your bottom dollar? He said they found me a pink wringer washer. It was soooo cute, he said "Mom, it's the perfect pink! " Boy.....did I teach him well!

The middle picture shows the " perfect pink" the best .....the others I textured a little more.

I had this vintage pink dress that I got at an estate sale and they bought me the pink polka dot apron to go with the washer. I of course had to top it off with my pink high tops...........I decided to do a here I am all my pinkness! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Pink perfection! LOVE this!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

How INCREDIBLY cute!!!!

Yes, you brought him up well!! Love your pictures!


Sherrie said...

ADORABLE!! Perfect you AND perfect pink! YES, you trained your son well. This looks like an old ad! Great job! Your collection must be so much fun!

Beach House Living said...

Oh my I thought that was an old ad at first. You absolutely taught your son well.

June said...

Denice this is too darling for words!!!! I love your new pink washer too. Boy is your son a great guy!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

How very cute is this.....looks like a Vintage you actually use that machine ?

Yep you sure have a very thoughtful son.


becky up the hill said...

Oh sweet. Does it work?

Sweet Sage said...

just found your Etsy shop!..
thinking you should list this one, too :) love LoVE it!
keep them coming, Denise.
so SO lovely!

Linda Jackman said...

haha, I love, love your pink washer. And how adorable that your son knows you so well.