Thursday, December 9, 2010

~ vintage Christmas ornaments ~

Here are two pics of some of my vintage ornaments. I have a little " problem" with vintage Christmas like my boys tells me! LOL! I can't help it....I feel sometimes like I have to rescue them all! Someone has to! May as well be me! LOL!


The Pink Rose Cottage said...

LOL! You're boys are right!!! But then so are you! These treasures must be rescued!

Gorgeous photos as always Denise!

Beach House Living said...

I agree with Pink Rose Cottage and your photos of them are lovely.

becky up the hill said...

You know I'm with you sister. Merry Christmas~!

June said...

If not you Denise, who would love them so much and take such lovely shots of them?
Beauties, every one!
big hug

Dawnlyne said...

I love that you said "rescue" them because that's exactly how I feel. I browse the thrift/antique stores all year long looking for those lost little ornaments! Thanks for the great pics.