Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ dreaming of springtime ~

I had to go buy some springtime.......we are suppose to get between 17- 20 inches of snow today and tomorrow! Time for some comfort food and sit and watch the snow pile up.


Sentimentally Me said...


Enough of this winter, but those flowers are lovely :)

Hope all is well with you, Denise

maureen said...

Are you kidding me? 20 inches of snow? aaaaak. Woman where do you live? As far as I'm concerned, that kind of snow is only good for one reason, a snow day {off work} and that doesn't count on Sunday. Stay warm and enjoy your comfort food.

June said...

Gorgeous shots of your tulips Denise!!! The color of Spring, to be sure!
I am hunkering down here as well. We have a nasty wind today and snowing with it. Hmmmm...comfort food, now that's a great idea.
sending hugs

Brenda Kula said...

How truly lovely!

Georgianna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, Denise! I love the delicate feeling of the second one especially. But 17 inches of snow? Gulp.

I hope you are safe and cozy. xo – g

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hey Denise ~

We are being teased here in the Deep South with Spring like weather...I'm just waiting for it to freeze again.

Stay warm and cozy. As always your photography "warms" my soul!

Ciao bella,

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and so spring like! Hope spring finds us all soon!

Betty Jo said...

So sorry I haven't been around much, blogging or Flickr. I've been crazy busy with graphics, and itching to get out with my camera. We still had a sprinkle of snow last Sat, and rain today. But, spring flowers are popping up all over the place. Now for some time to join them!! ♥

hootnonny said...

Denise, I love your photos on here as much or more than flickr. Such beautiful, professional images.