Sunday, April 3, 2011

~ a day in God's Country ~

We went for a drive to our cabin since the weather was nice.  There are a lot of Amish around that area and I got some great shots of daily life for the Amish.  I love the signs in one of the small towns....Amish Byway.  But , my favorite is how someone in the area painted God's country on an old farm shed. It is beautiful country and such a slower pace of living. 


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Great photos - especially love the one of the buggy in the lower right hand corner. We have a lot of old-order Mennonites living up near us in Ontario and I love going to the market near here that they bring their produce to.

Deb said...

Such beautiful, peaceful photos ♥ I love the title of your post too xo

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Very sweet.

©EpicureanPiranha said...

Delightful images of a peaceful way of life! Your photography is so beautiful, Denise!

Have a delicious day ♥

~ marie, the ©EpicureanPiranha

Epicurean Piranha ...enjoying life in tasty bites! ™

June said...

Oh Denise, I love this mosaic. What beautiful pictures of such a wonderful culture. I also had to go back to see all the beautiful images I have missed here. I am so excited for the lavender too, but the picture of your dried will tide me over.
sending hugs