Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I can feel the burn already! I am starting a Pilates class tomorrow. We exercise before going to work...stretches and the eliptical machine and I walk on my breaks at work but I need to shape up better......so I signed up for Pilates. You can't just use a regular gym bag you know LOL! I decided to use this great barkcloth bag I had and my trusty mat in the background.....I may not post tomorrow as I may not be able to walk in the door and sit down! LOL!!! No really I am excited to get started. They said to bring a towel.....we better not be sweating THAT much! WOW.....I am doing a New Years resolution a little more than 3 months in advance.......or is it that I'm 9 months late? LOL!!!!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Way to go! Just remember...sore muscles might not feel good, but they mean your are making yourself stronger! And the best thing for sore muscles? More activity! I can't wait to hear the follow-up! (If you can walk to the computer! :) LOL!)

A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Man, you are a brave girl. Remember, we're getting OLD now, right??!! HaHa!! Just kiddin' ~ you go girl ~ burn up that Pilates studio!! Have fun, oh, and I love the bag, too!! xo P

Denise said...

Man.........1 hour is a long time to keep up that pace! Some were moaning a little about how hard it was and I said......when does the beginner class start? LOL!!!!! It IS the beginner class. She said we wouldn't feel the effects until day 2 or 3.........man....I tried to sit up in bed last night..OUCH! LOL!! Gotta keep going tho...she said it gets better.......man, I sure hope so!

SweetAnnee said...

for me it would be 9 months late..
but doesn't it feel great..????
I've done 1 hour classes..and they do seem
long..then you get PUMPED
and BAM!!!
I wish I could go with you..and your fancy
fondly, Deena