Sunday, December 7, 2008

A glimps inside my tree. We always used to get a real least a 9 foot one as we had 10 foot ceilings. When we moved here....we don't have near the room. So I took out my vintage aluminum trees....yes, I have a 2' , a 4' and a 6'! So we used those the last couple of years. Now last year I got a bug that I might want a white one....pre lit. So after Christmas we got this $130.00 tree at Kohl's for $30.00. So is a continuation of my gold and white theme this year. Believe it or not..........I passed up some vintage Christmas ornaments at an estate sale yesterday! LOL! I don't have to rescue all of them! LOL!!!

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A Sentimental Journey said...

Yes, Yes you do!!! You must rescue all those little baby ornies * Gawd knows I do. I just finished a pink heart shaped ornie wreath and was thinking of you Denise * oh pink lover friend!!!!