Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Finds & I need everyones opinion.....

I had a fun day at 2 estate sales today. I love vintage millinery and I love to buy old hats cheap and take them apart. All hats were $2.00 each. Here they are all torn apart...can't beat the price!
millinery flowers
These are just huge! Love the spring colors.

millinery flowers

Need your opinion......this is a vintage sweater with the most adorable velvet flowers. Do you think I should take them off the sweater and use it as a wonderful garland or leave it as is for my mannequin.

vintage sweater

sweater detail


The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful Denise!!

I vote for keeping the sweater intact. It's so unusual!

A Sentimental Journey said...

I'm with Holly ~ I vote to leave the sweater as is . . . . soooo sweet!!

becky up the hill said...

Nah..take it off and send it to me. Really, I would need to see your dress form with it on to have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Can you remove the flowers without damaging the sweater? If so, I'd take them off.

kayellen said...

So pretty Denise ;-)
Looks like spring colors!!!

Have a blessed day!


Rita said...

Hi,you could make a pillow. I have seen patterns on line. Ciao

GEORGIA said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I vote with leaving the sweater intact and displaying it. Kind of like not cutting up our vintage tablecloths!!


Sweet Sage said...

Tough decision, Denise!
These are all such AMAZING finds!

Little Pink Studio said...

I think I would cut it up. :0)
I'd have to use the gorgeous velvet flowers!
Cerri xo

Stephenie said...

I just love all your flowers. What a great deal you got.. I say leave the sweater intact. It's just so beautiful..