Monday, March 15, 2010

52 weeks of gratitude..........week 11

I am grateful that spring is on its way. Out with the old and in with the new. l like how this shot has some of the old wood on my lilac bush and some new buds....can't wait til the are in full bloom!


The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Oh yes! I can't wait for the lilacs!

June said...

Absolutely beautiful Denise!
I hope our wait isn't too much longer now.

Alice W. said...

One word. Gorgeous! Your photos always inspire...and I too am glad spring is on it's way!

becky up the hill said...

Zebrina is coming up all over my garden. The seed you shared with me so many years ago. I think of you when I see it. Also the pink holly hock with the dark eye is coming up. Both thanks to Denise and her seed sharing. They are happy in California.