Saturday, March 6, 2010

52 weeks of gratitude..........week 9 & 10

oh what a busy week! Didn't post my 52 weeks of gratitude last week so I will do 2 weeks together...

Week 9
I am grateful for vintage antique items. I am grateful for those who loved them and took good care of them and preserved them for the next generation. These are 3 of the cups from my grandma N. set of dishes. I love to look at an item and wonder how did they use this.....what conversations did they have.......I love vintage! Week 10
I am grateful for different perspectives. I post my pictures on flickr and the flickr members are so creative and I love all the different perspectives and views and feelings in their pictures. I have made so many good friends on flickr and just love how they teach me so much and how they inspire me to make each photo better.
I am so excited.......i just signed up today for my first photography 2 day workshop! I can't wait to learn more!


June said...

Have fun in your workshop. How fun it would be to take some photography classes. Your photos today are gorgeous as always.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Your photos are like something from a dream. :-)

And I agree, I'm thankful for those little pieces of the past preserved for all of us.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend!